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Confessions of a Bitter Mary Sue

I'm a Bitter Sue

Lacey Voorhees
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Lacey is a Mary-Sue. She didn't want to be one, but she is. In fact, she seems to be a Mary-Sue that is used to put an end to other Mary-Sues.

Once upon a time, she lived her life in a small duplex in Jefferson City, Missouri. (She's currently living in a version of Metropolis, complete with Superman.) When she was growing up, she was a quiet kid, a loner, and the youngest of four kids. She did well enough in school, but instead of going to college, she used her college money on a 1968 Mustang Convertible and stashed the rest in the bank.

She started working at a Pizza Hut back in her home town at the age of 16. When she moved to Jefferson City two years later, she found it easy to get a job at the branch there. Why? Because at least she'd have a job from the get go.

Too bad it lasted for several years. But she slaved away. The cost of living. She dabbled with a few classes now and again, but nothing really held her interest.
She dabbled in writing, but nothing ever came of it.

Then one day she found herself in Middle Earth.. And her hell began.

She currently works as a manager of a cafe located in one of the many fine nexuses of the multiverse. Her current goal in life is to stop getting lost in Metropolis and to make everyone think Clark Kent rents girls on Craig's List.

{This is FAKE like most of Hollywood. Fiction fiction fiction. I belong to someone that isn't you. Have a nice day.}