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Bored bored.

So I finally got the Suvian thing to work for me.

I got a job at this lunatic_cafeLunatic Cafe place. Some kind of interdimensional thing run by buffy_summersBuffy.

I'm an assistant manager, and pretty much do what Buffy does, except I don't own the place.

It's okay. Except for the fact that HE'S there.

And then I have to watch Buffy and Xander overdoseing on the flirting.

It's enough to make one sick.

Oh and of course, Neo is insane, he tried to rape a cabbit for fucks sake. Perverted bastard.

The entire place makes my head hurt.

And yet it still beats cooking pizza.
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Hey, if worse comes to worse, you could always slip a sedative into their coffee. And if they don't drink it, you could tie them up and force it down their throats. Five minutes and they won't know the difference.
Forget the sedative, go straight for arsenic..

If I'm going to hell, I'm going to make sure I deserve it.
"And then I have to watch Buffy and Xander overdoseing on the flirting."


::smirks, amused.::
Sickened is the proper term.

Disgusted would work just as well.
::smiling with a sing-song voice.::

~Sighs, rolls eyes, and decks him~
::wakes up dazed and confused, lying on the floor, with a broken bloody nose, completely unaware of where he is or what just happened, and groans at the flared pain in his sinuses.::
~Smirks and leaves him there~
::is left there, half-lucid, dazed and confused, bleeding on the floor of the Cafe with a (possibly)broken nose, groaning.::
*smirks slightly into her bottle of purple stuff*
::bleeds, groaning in pain.::
*leans down and scoops you up*
::is scooped up by the Sith, still semi-conscious.::

Whu...? Death...? Noooo! I duwannadie!

::struggles in his arms.::

Lemme go y'b's'ard!
*sighs, cursing herself for her damn soft spot. She walks over to Xander, still in the arms of Maul, and holds her hand over his face. A blue energy wavers between her hand and his nose, and when she removes, the damage is completely healed. She looks over him another moment to make sure there is no further damage, then walks away, muttering to herself*
I'd have let him bleed..

Okay, I was letting him bleed.. but that's beside the point.

He's not worth anything.

At least this one isn't.
You'd think I'd be all about letting him bleed. But two things, a) I've got a soft spot for all Xanders, not matter their bad decisions, and b) if he'd have kept bleeding, I would have drained him. Not on purpose, it's just part of the vampire thing. Open wounds drive us nuts.
Both good points.

I only have a soft spot for 2 people(s), one of them being, of all the things, Harry Potter.

Go figure.

And yet I still hold a grudge to all Potters, simply because he lost my favorite fedora..
Harry Potter, eh?

Well, I guess as the saying goes: "Chicks dig scars"


13 years ago


13 years ago


13 years ago


13 years ago


13 years ago

::blinks, and holds his nose, a look of suprise on his features.::

What...?! How...?! What...?!
You're lucky you're a Xander, otherwise you'd still be bleeding.
::is still suprised, dazed and confused.::
*drops him*

thank zion it aint me this time